Dampfgewehr Troopers – Part 2


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My gasmask pickelhaube heads order arrived early this morning and I was able to make a little more progress on my VSF German steam-rifle troops. The West Wind metal heads were slightly smaller than I had expected, but I think they don’t look too freakishly out of proportion to the Warzone bodies once they were painted up. I was actually pleased with how “Prussian” the formerly sci-fi uniforms looked by merely changing the color scheme and snipping off a few anachronistic bits.

The one problem I encountered were the greeves and over-sized pauldrons. Originally I painted them light grey and added some German markings, but when finished, they looked a little too modern, so I painted them more of a boiler-plate color similar to the armor displayed on the new Dystopian Legions Prussian boxed set.

A few more pictures are below, including the start of the Gatling-gun trooper:



German “Dampfgewehr” Troopers for G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T.


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Warzone Bauhaus Ducal Militia about to be converted into late 19th century German "Dampfgewehr" Troopers

This November at the HMGS Fall-in convention, against my better judgement, I will be running three games. The first of which, is the Victorian Science Fiction mini-epic entitled The Flight of the Albatross where the crew from the Empress of Austria’s downed cloud-ship must fight off the indigenous inhabitants of Venus while they await rescue by the forces of several competing European powers.

I make it no secret that I am a huge fan of the G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T. rules system and actually being friends with the authors hasn’t helped matters! I’m originally from a Battletech and Games Workshop background, so I love the simplicity of the game mechanics and the fact that the story and creativity takes precedence over rolling buckets of dice and worrying about which blasted codex has just come out and added “rending” to all of the troops.

Anyway, I’ve created several armies for the game in the two year period that I’ve actively played the rules: A Napoleonic Russian force, and two opposing American Revolution armies for my ongoing Corpse & Musket themed zombie games. These will be my first actual VSF armies.

Now I already have a few small units on the table, including a standard 10 man squad of Austrian Sailors (Old Glory Boxer Rebellion Range) and numerous 19th century personalities I had painted up for my Victoria Hawkes and the Steel Menace Doctor Who game from Fall-In 2011, but I need to fill out the ranks of my German and British forces a bit before begging/borrowing from the rest of the group. That’s where these guys will come in.

These figures started out as part of an 80 figure bagged set from the Warzone game that I purchased off the Prince August website about a decade ago (oddly enough, reviewed recently on the Graven Games site) and I never really got around to doing everything constructive with them. The Imperial Soldiers are far too firmly planted in the Sci-fi British WWI look to be of use, but the Bauhaus Ducal Militia (with some slight tweaking) are perfect for the wacky steam-derived units that populate the G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T. convention game landscape.

First Thoughts:

Overall, for being late 90’s vintage, the sculpts on the minis are bad at all, with the only possible exception being the heads. I solved this by purchasing some of West Wind Productions Pickelhaube gas-mask heads and re-breather backpacks from  Noble Knight games to bring them further in line with the VSF look I’m going for.

The rifles were a bit too futuristic as well, so like the example lying on the cutting mat in the header graphic, I clipped off the upper hand grip, shortened the magazine and trimmed off the strange cylinder bit at the bottom of the barrel. My thinking on this is that with painting the remaining weapon furniture in a wood tone and perhaps running some tubing from the gun to the backpack, they might serve as a respectable “steam-rifle”.

A close up of the “steam-rifles” pre and post-op

Another cool feature of these figures is that you get an officer/sergeant as well as a very cool Gatling gun-toting heavy weapons guy (perhaps my favorite of all), who will fit in especially well:

Close up of the Gatling trooper. Sorry for the blurry camera phone pic 😦

More updates when my extra parts arrive!!


“The Grand Duchy of Rhein-Heitsgeboten” – Dunkelweizen Regiment’s First Recruit

The first recruit of the newly formed “Dunkelweizen Regiment” sporting the dark brown coat, beige breeches and “beer bottle green” facings indicative of the unit

Taking advantage of one of my late work days, this morning I got the chance to paint up the first of my NQSYW (Not Quite Seven Years War) troops for my Imagi-Nation of “The Grand Duchy of Rhein-Heitsgeboten”. After a few weeks of indecision, Chris Palmer and some of the other HAWKs helped me settle on a beer/brewing themed nation with appropriate brown coats. With a few exceptions, I plan to carry the brown jacket/beige breeches theme throughout the infantry, only varying the facing colors to differentiate the regiments. The beer-bottle green for this first outing is again one of Chris’s brainstorms, so big thanks go out to him!

Rear/side view of the same trooper, showing turnbacks of the coat

For the paint scheme, I followed the existing regiments’ example and kept it simple with little to no shading or highlighting in order to capture a more “vintage” style. This really took a lot of self-control on my part, being a bit of a detail freak in my usual 28mm painting. The recipe was simple:

  • Prime black, then sprayed brown.
  • Flesh color was Reaper Rosy Flesh not exactly happy with that as is, might go back paint in eyes and do one layer of highlights to add more definition
  • Breeches were painted in one of the new Games Workshop tan colors, exact name escapes me at the moment
  • hat and gaiters(?) Vallejo model color black
  • Cuffs and turnbacks – base coat of GW Dark Angels Green, highlighted with GW Snot Green
  • Belts and neck cloth – GW Codex Grey, Vallejo model color white over top
  • Rifle – metal parts were base coated Vallejo model color black and then painted over with GW Chainmail. Strap was painted with the same tan color as the breeches

I probably won’t be able to make too much progress on the rest of the remaining company until after the HMGS Fall-In Convention season is over and done with, so stay tuned!


“Not Quite Seven Years War” – Battle of the Redoubts

The “grand battery” of the Schoffen-Buschhagen army along side the advancing Adelmann Reginment

This past Saturday, I got the chance to take part in one of the Harford Area Weekly Kriegspielers (H.A.W.K.S. for short) ongoing Not Quite Seven Year War battles. Gamemastered by Rob Dean and utilizing his home-cast 40mm figures, it featured the Army of North Polenburg squaring off against the combined forces of “The Pragmatic Alliance, which were represented in this game by the armies of Schoeffen-Buschhagen and the Wachovians. Not having my own army yet, I took command of the Schoeffen-Buschhagen Wiegenburger Regiment which marched into battle well-screened behind the ranks of the Adelmann Regiment.

For a more complete account of the battle, see Chris Palmer’s post over at his Another Gaming Project Blog.

The ruleset used in this conflict were the venerable Charge!: Or, How to Play War Games by Peter Young and J.P. Lawford and since it was only the second time I had  played them, I was still a bit shaky on the mechanics, but had a great time nonetheless.

Now, to add to my already long list of hobby projects, I’m determined to paint up at least one full regiment of my own, from the newly created fictional country of “The Grand Duchy of Rhein-heitsgeboten”. The units are going to follow a beer/brewing theme, with most of the soldiers clad appropriately in medium-to-dark brown coats.

More updates soon!