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While working on my Wars of Ozz forces, I’ve decided to base my first brigade of Gillikins around the forces of General urSkeks and the Skeezer tribe who operate around the eponymous “Lake Skeezer”. First up, are General urSkeks own regiment of Imperial Marines.

Their description in the main rule book states that they wear the standard Russian-inspired uniform adopted by the rest of the Gillikin soldiers, but their jackets are a signature fuchsia color.

Using a Russian Napoleonic uniform as a template, I decided to keep the facing colors in the standard Gillikin purple so that they tie in with regular units, but changed the buttons and badges to silver to add to their unique look as one of the “elite” units in Arella the Witch’s army.

I started off by priming the miniatures with Citadel Wraithbone spray primer and then gave each of the figures a good dousing with the every useful Citadel Contrast paint “Apothecary White”.

Once the white had dried, I painted the wee Gillikin’s goblinesque skin in Vallejo Model Color “Militarum Green”

Next, up I base coated the jackets with Reaper Master Series Paint 09286 “Punk Rock Pink”. A better idea would have been to use “Volpous Pink” from the Vallejo Model Color line, but I was eager to get this unit finished and didn’t want to run out to the hobby store for one item during the COVID-apocalypse.

Once dry, I gave the jacket a wash with “Purple Shade” by the Army Painter.

After their fashion-forward uniform jackets were sorted, I went about hitting the majority of the black items on the figures. For this, I returned the the Citadel Contrast paint line and used Black Templar.

At this point, I forgot to keep taking pictures, so there is a summary of the remaining colors and paints I utilized:

  • Rolled greatcoats – Citadel Contrast “Basilicanum Grey”
  • Wood items – Citadel Contrast “Cygor Brown”
  • Facings, cuffs, shako badges – Reaper Master Series Paint 09023 “Imperial Purple”
  • Buttons, buckles and badges on regular soldiers – Vallejo Model Color 976 “Silver”
  • Swords, bayonets, etc – Vallejo Model Color 70863 “Gunmetal Grey”
  • Gold details on officers – Vallejo Model Color 996 “Gold”

With the unit painted, I did some preliminary basing on the requisite 2 inch by 2 inch bases. These bases were graciously given to me by fellow HAWK, David Wood and recycled from one of his previous army projects. Other than a slight bit of flocking repair and adding the flags, these little grots are ready to march off and wreak havoc on their enemies both foreign and domestic…and probably on themselves if we’re being honest.